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Rainbow Path’s work is always led by asylum seekers and refugees with lived experiences, with the support of allies in the group.

There are many things that allies can do to support Rainbow Path’s work. Some things can be done right now, like making events and services more accessible or putting asylum seekers in touch with us if they are looking for a lawyer. Other actions listed below require some coordination. Follow our Facebook page for specific calls for support (like helping someone move flats or practice their driving). We also plan to set up a volunteers’ group in a few months’ time. Watch for that on our Facebook page too.

To be a good ally, it is vital that you respect our privacy

We are proud members of Rainbow Path – but it is not always safe for us to be out as refugees or asylum seekers or as Rainbow community members. If we share this information with you, treat it as confidential. If we need to have a conversation about our refugee/asylum situations, find a private space to do it. Do not publcise or spread personal information about our life stories, even if it’s because you are trying to find us support. It may risk our safety here and jeopardise our asylum case. Do not assume we will feel safe meeting people from our country of origin or religion.

What you can do to Support
Legal Support

If you meet a Rainbow person who is thinking about seeking asylum, the most urgent and important thing to do is to link them with an experienced refugee lawyer. Contact Rainbow Path or Asylum Seekers’ Support Trust to get recommendations of Rainbow-competent lawyers.


It can be very hard for asylum seekers and refugees to find affordable accommodation without connections, ID, visa, or references from a landlord or employer. Rainbow asylum seekers and refugees face even more challenges in finding Rainbow-safe housing. Share ads for cheap, Rainbow-friendly housing and do not discriminate against us because of our ethnicity or religion or because we are on benefits.


Donate furniture through the Asylum Seekers’ Support Trust.

Make a Donation

You can make a donation to Rainbow Path – get in touch to find out how.


Offer rides to appointments or to help people move flats. Many refugees and asylum seekers do casual shift work, sometimes at times when there are no public transport options, and cannot afford Ubers. Many of us also cannot afford to take regular driving lessons. Go for drives with us and help us practice driving to get our NZ driving licence.

Free Rainbow-friendly Events

Make Rainbow community events accessible for people on low incomes, including Rainbow refugees and asylum seekers.


Get to know Rainbow refugees and asylum seekers. Find free or cheap food places or events you can go to together. The asylum-seeking and resettlement processes are very difficult, traumatic and stressful. Be there for Rainbow refugees and asylum seekers. Many refugees and asylum seekers say they feel safe in Aotearoa – but they do not feel like they belong here.

Support our campaigns

Follow the Rainbow Path and Asylum Seekers’ Support Trust Facebook pages to get campaign updates and find out what you can do to help.

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