Who We Are

Rainbow Path is an advocacy and peer support group for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, gender diverse, queer and intersex refugees and asylum seekers living in Aotearoa New Zealand. It is led by LGBTQIA+ refugees and asylum seekers, with support from other LGBTQIA+ human rights defenders.

Rainbow Path started in January 2019 and has grown to 9 founding members and a wider group of members and allies who attend regular meetings. Almost all Rainbow Path members are asylum seekers or refugees, and most are trans.

Please note, we are not lawyers or immigration advisors. We cannot represent or advise anyone about their asylum claim or influence the decision made about your case. We can refer you to a lawyer for that advice, and we help in other ways so you can focus on your claim.

We can only help people who are already in New Zealand. If you are an asylum seeker from overseas. The ORAM website contains some basic information for anyone considering leaving their country to escape persecution and links to local groups that are LGBTIQ friendly. Rainbow Railroad, based in Canada, supports some Rainbow activists to leave their country to escape from violence. This UNHCR website gives information on asylum procedures and support available in many countries overseas.

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