Legal Support

Rainbow Path cannot give you legal advice. We can give you the names and contact details for some Rainbow-competent refugee lawyers. Community law centres around the country provide free legal advice. The Wellington and Lower Hutt community law centres run a weekly Refugee and Immigration Legal Advice Service.

Applying for asylum

We strongly recommend that anyone thinking about seeking asylum contacts a refugee lawyer first to get advice about making a refugee claim. 

The lawyer will also advise you about applying for a visa to stay in New Zealand until a decision is made about your asylum claim. The lawyer’s fee may be covered by Legal Aid if you are eligible. The lawyer can help you apply for Legal Aid as well. 

Work visas, permanent residence, partnership visas, citizenship applications, family reunification, and appeals

Asylum seekers and refugees need a visa to stay in Aotearoa New Zealand, until we are NZ citizens. We recommend you seek legal advice to help with these applications for yourself, or your partner or family members, and for any appeals. 

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